International and Comparative Competition Law (Antitrust and Competition Law)

International and Comparative Competition Law (Antitrust and Competition Law)

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Maher M. Dabbah
Cambridge University Press, 9/16/2010
EAN 9780521736244, ISBN10: 0521736242

Paperback, 714 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 4.1 cm
Language: English

This thorough appraisal of competition law and policy from an international and comparative perspective covers the role of different international organisations active in the area, the significance of multinational enterprises and, in particular, the differences between US and EU systems. Taking examples from regions such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Maher M. Dabbah looks at the law and policy in developing countries and at a regional level, the internationalisation of competition law and the doctrines of extraterritoriality, bilateral cooperation and multilateral cooperation as well as the relationship between competition and trade policy. The book should prove useful to anyone who is interested in gaining an insight into the international dimension of competition law and policy. It is written in a language and style which make such a complex topic both possible to understand and enjoyable.

1. Geographical expansion and increase in significance of competition law
2. The internationalisation of competition law
concepts, ideas, options and players
3. The involvement of international bodies and organisations in the field of competition law and policy
4. EU competition law regime
5. US competition law regime
6. Competition law and policy in developing countries
7. Regional competition law and policy
8. The unilateral option
extraterritorial assertion of jurisdiction
9. The bilateral option
cooperation between competition authorities
10. The multilateral option
cooperation through binding and non-binding commitments
11. Competition and trade policy.