International Law

International Law

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Jan Klabbers
Cambridge University Press, 2013-03-28
EAN 9780521144063, ISBN10: 052114406X

Paperback, 374 pages, 24.6 x 17.5 x 2 cm

'This textbook not only provides a source of knowledge but also a source of critical thinking which captivates the reader's attention. Every person dealing with international law should read Professor Klabbers' International Law:  its case law discussion and fascinating analysis of international law principles provides a powerful tool when teaching the international legal order.' Elena Katselli, Newcastle Law School

'This is a refreshing addition to the long list of textbooks on international law. It comprehensively discussed all the fields of international law that a reader of an introductory textbook will be interested in. Yet, it does much more, by explaining why often impossible to identify a single right answer to any legal question and by placing international law in a broader context of global governance, politics and ethics. Written in Klabbers' characteristic lucid and critical style, this is a book that many readers will enjoy reading, rather than just studying.' André Nollkaemper, University of Amsterdam