Introduction to Bronchoscopy

Introduction to Bronchoscopy

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Cambridge University Press, 2009-01-12
EAN 9780521766289, ISBN10: 0521766281

Hardcover, 176 pages, 25.7 x 17.8 x 1.5 cm

Bronchoscopy is one of the most commonly performed medical procedures and also defines the procedural practice of chest physicians and surgeons. In most training programs, however, there is little structured education and trainees learn by watching and doing. This book is intended as a roadmap for any physician looking to master or improve skills in this important area. It outlines what the authors, who are all experts in the field, think a standard approach to common procedures should be and covers everything from anatomy and equipment care to how to set up a bronchoscopy unit. Step- by-step descriptions and abundant illustrations provide the reader with detailed instructions for performing diagnostic procedures such as bronchial washing and lavage, lung biopsy, and transbronchial needle aspiration. This book also discusses bronchoscopy in the ICU and lung transplant patients. Advanced diagnostic bronchoscopy and basic therapeutic techniques are reviewed in the final two chapters.