Introduction to Geomagnetic Fields

Introduction to Geomagnetic Fields

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Wallace H. Campbell
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 4/10/2003
EAN 9780521822060, ISBN10: 0521822068

Hardcover, 350 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 2.1 cm
Language: English

Introduction to Geomagnetic Fields is a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of geophysics. It explains the natural magnetic fields in and surrounding the Earth that arise from a variety of electric currents. The author clearly presents these different components of the Earth's magnetic field with a minimum of mathematical complexity. Readers are also introduced to the techniques and instrumentation for measuring geomagnetic fields, and to the range of applications for which these measurements are used. This second edition has been fully revised. It has been designed as a textbook for use with semester courses in geomagnetism and includes student exercises at the end of each chapter. Special appendices review relevant mathematical techniques and direct the reader to various journals, books, organizations, and websites where computer programs for geomagnetism may be downloaded.

1. The Earth's main field
2. Quiet-time field variations and dynamo currents
3. Solar-terrestrial activity
4. Measurement methods
5. Applications
Appendix A
mathematical topics
Appendix B
geomagnetic organisations, services and bibliography
Appendix C
utility programs for geomagnetic fields

'This book fulfils its promise to provide simplified but wide-ranging tutorial information about Earth's magnetic field and its variability ... useful not only to those wishing a general overview of geomagnetism, but also to specialists needing to place their work in context within this broad arena of geophysics.' IAGA News '... a small and handy, well written introductory book on the nature of various sources of magnetic fields ... a complicated topic in an easily digestible form, using minimal mathematics without sacrificing depth of coverage.' Pure Applied Geophysics 'This book will be useful not only as an introduction but also as a handy reference volume.' Tectonophysics '... extremely useful to technicians who wish to gain an understanding of the basic concepts without having to cope with complicated mathematical equations ... This book is a welcome addition to the library of the general practitioner.' Transport in Porous Media 'This book admirably fulfils its objective of providing a broad but simplified and less technical source book about the magnetic field for physical science students.' Geological Magazine 'Wallace Campbell's Introduction to Geomagnetic Fields is a short, general book that summarises in a non-technical way the basic concepts and physical processes of geomagnetism ... Campbell provides a good all-round introduction to the topic.' The Times Higher Education Supplement '... a good introduction for the nonspecialist ...' Physics Today '... an interesting and informative explanation of the geomagnetic field and its applications to a wide variety of topics ... The changes in the second edition over the original 1997 edition have significantly improved the book ... The greatest improvement is the addition of a series of thoughtful exercises at the end of each chapter ... Whether you are a lay person or scientists in a related geophysical field, you will enjoy reading this book and achieve a better understanding of the geomagnetic field, its fluctuations, and applications.' EOS 'As such, it provides an excellent overview of basic topics in geomagnetics ... Mathematical derivations are minimal, with an emphasis on concepts and fundamental theory. Helpful summaries and student exercises are included at the end of each chapter ... Overall, this book is a very useful reference ... the book is highly recommended as a basic reference for both introductory geomagnetism and geomagnetic phenomena.' Geomatica