Introduction to Optics

Introduction to Optics

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Frank L. Pedrotti, Leno M. Pedrotti, Leno S. Pedrotti
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 3, 12/21/2017
EAN 9781108428262, ISBN10: 1108428266

Hardcover, 658 pages, 28.2 x 22.4 x 3.3 cm
Language: English

Introduction to Optics is now available in a re-issued edition from Cambridge University Press. Designed to offer a comprehensive and engaging introduction to intermediate and upper level undergraduate physics and engineering students, this text also allows instructors to select specialized content to suit individual curricular needs and goals. Specific features of the text, in terms of coverage beyond traditional areas, include extensive use of matrices in dealing with ray tracing, polarization, and multiple thin-film interference; three chapters devoted to lasers; a separate chapter on the optics of the eye; and individual chapters on holography, coherence, fiber optics, interferometry, Fourier optics, nonlinear optics, and Fresnel equations.

Part I
1. Nature of light
2. Geometrical optics
3. Optical instrumentation
4. Wave equations
5. Superposition of waves
6. Properties of lasers
7. Interference of light
8. Optical interferometry
9. Coherence
10. Fiber optics
11. Fraunhofer diffraction
12. The diffraction grating
13. Fresnel diffraction
14. Matrix treatment of polarization
15. Production of polarized light
Part II
16. Holography
17. Optical detectors and displays
18. Matrix methods in paraxial optics
19. Optics of the eye
20. Aberration theory
21. Fourier optics
22. Theory of multilayer films
23. Fresnel equations
24. Nonlinear optics and the modulation of light
25. Optical properties of materials
26. Laser operation
27. Characteristics of laser beams
28. Selected modern applications
Answers to selected problems