Iran Auto: Building a Global Industry in an Islamic State (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences)

Iran Auto: Building a Global Industry in an Islamic State (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences)

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Darius Mehri
Cambridge University Press, 10/26/2017
EAN 9781107171671, ISBN10: 1107171679

Hardcover, 194 pages, 23.5 x 15.6 x 1.6 cm
Language: English

Since the revolution of 1979, scholars have portrayed the Islamic State's industrial development capacity in a negative light. Global isolation, incoherent economic planning, and predatory Islamic institutions are often cited as the reasons for lackluster development. In Iran Auto: Building a Global Industry in an Islamic State, Darius Mehri shows how this characterization is misguided. Today, Iran has one of the world's largest automobile industries with national technical capacity. Previous studies ignore the consequences of three decades of Iran's capacity for successful industrialization and changes in global technology transfer that allow countries, even ones isolated from formal global institutions, to build an automobile industry. Mehri shows how industrial nationalists in Iran constructed a network of politically effective relationships to open up space for successful local industrial development, and then tapped into a set of important global linkages to create an industry with high local manufacturing content. This book will open up a new line of inquiry into how countries in the global south can develop a successful national automobile industry without the need to conform to global economic institutions.

1. Setting the stage
the pre-revolution rise and the post-revolution decline of the automobile industry
2. The rise of the industrial nationalists
postwar conflict, neoliberalism, and national industrial strategy
3. An era of coherence
state-led development and the deepening of automobile industry ties to society
4. Using global corporate networks as a path to national industrial development
5. From industrial protection to the rise of the stakeholder model of corporate ownership
6. Factors determining Iran Auto's survival
industry fragility, the quality issue, and the conflict over globalization