Joyriding in Riyadh: Oil, Urbanism, And Road Revolt (Cambridge Middle East Studies)

Joyriding in Riyadh: Oil, Urbanism, And Road Revolt (Cambridge Middle East Studies)

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Pascal Menoret
Cambridge University Press, 2014-04-21
EAN 9781107641952, ISBN10: 1107641950

Hardcover, 266 pages, 22.8 x 22.6 x 15.2 cm

'Good anthropologists aim to enter into the minds of their subjects, sharing their lifestyle, acquiring their language, studying their moods and responses but always maintaining an objective self-awareness. Pascal Menoret is better than good.' The Economist

'An excellent ethnography of youth culture in Saudi Arabia that unpacks the connections between the social practice of joyriding as a form of political dissent with the questions of oil, urbanism, and power. It provides new insight into the categories of masculinity and gender in the Middle Eastern context and the spatial politics of the Saudi state. This work contributes to a growing body of critical scholarship … Joyriding in Riyadh is an excellent and scholarly work that makes a valuable contribution to the field of Middle East Studies. It will appeal to anyone that has an interest in youth culture, urban and gender studies, urban history, and anthropology of the Middle East. Moreover, the book can be assigned to classes on Middle Eastern politics, Arab Uprisings, or any course that deals with the issues of social violence and economic inequality in a comparative or global framework.' Feras Klenk, Middle East Media and Book Reviews Online