Knowing China: A Twenty-First Century Guide

Knowing China: A Twenty-First Century Guide

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Frank N Pieke
Cambridge University Press, 7/28/2016
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Contemporary China appears both deceptively familiar and inexplicably different. China is a cauldron of forms of entrepreneurship, social organization, ways of life and governance that are at once new and unique, recognizably Chinese and generically modern. In analyzing and interpreting these developments, Frank N. Pieke adopts a China-centric perspective to move beyond western preoccupations, desires, or fears. Each chapter starts with a key question about China, showing that such questions and assumptions are often based on a misunderstanding or misconstruction of what China is today. Pieke explores twenty-first-century China as a unique kind of neo-socialist society, combining features of state socialism, neoliberal governance, capitalism and rapid globalization. Understanding this society not only helps us to know China better, but takes us beyond the old dichotomies of West versus East, developed versus developing, tradition versus modernity, democracy versus dictatorship, and capitalism versus socialism.

1. Introduction
knowing China
2. Why the Communist Party will not fall from power
3. China's economy will continue to grow, but not forever
4. Freedom without universal human rights
5. From empire to nation, or why Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang will not be independent
6. Not just a Chinese century
7. Conclusion
the Communist Party and China's future