Land Resources: Now And For The Future

Land Resources: Now And For The Future

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Anthony Young
Cambridge University Press
Edition: New Ed, 2014-09-18
EAN 9780521785594, ISBN10: 0521785596

Hardcover, 332 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 1.8 cm

This book provides an authoritative review of the resources of soils, water, climate, forests and pastures on which agriculture depends. It assesses the interactions between land resources and wider aspects of development, including population and poverty. Unless action is taken, the developing world will face recurrent problems of food security and conflict. The book gives some forcefully-expressed criticisms of current methods of assessing land degradation and placing an economic value on land. It should be read by all involved in rural development, including scientists, economists, geographers, sociologists, planners, and students of development studies. It provides a summary and perspective of the field of land resources, and suggests improvements needed to conserve resources for future generations. The hardback edition of the book received excellent reviews.

'an authoritative interpretation ... Dr Young has distilled wisdom from a great deal of information and opinion, much of it conflicting, into a coherent account of land resources in the developing world ... His arguments are carefully weighed, cogent and lucid. The book deserves to be widely read, not only by soil scientists, indeed not mainly by soil scientists, but by the wider citizenry and especially its politicians and administrators.' European Journal of Soil Sciences