Landmarks in Australian Intellectual Property Law

Landmarks in Australian Intellectual Property Law

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Cambridge University Press, 1/12/2009
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Hardcover, 298 pages, 23.1 x 15.5 x 2.5 cm
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This book provides a picture of how Australian intellectual property law has developed as a distinctly Australian body of law during the century since the country was established. The book takes a selection of key intellectual property law cases and tells their stories, situating each case in its historical, cultural, social or economic context, as well as providing factual details about, for example, the arguments made in each case and the evidence adduced. In part, the book offers a deeper legal analysis of the selected cases, many of which have been central to the framing of Australian intellectual property law. The book also provides a fuller sense of each case as revealing and influencing wider understandings and practices. Landmarks in Australian Intellectual Property Law is a valuable resource for teachers, researchers, practitioners and judges in Australia and throughout the common law world.

List of contributors
Table of cases
Table of statutes
1. Potter v Broken Hill
misuse of precedent in cross-border IP litigation Richard Garnett
2. The Union Label case
an early Australian IP story Sam Ricketson
3. RPM for RPM
National Phonograph Company of Australia v Menck Peter Heerey and Nicole Malone
4. Horses and the law
the enduring legacy of Victoria Park Racing Jill McKeough
5. We have never been modern
the High Court's decision in National Research Development Corporation v Commissioner of Patents Stephen Hubicki and Brad Sherman
6. Of vice-chancellors and authors
UNSW v Moorhouse Sam Ricketson and David Catterns
7. Foster v Mountford
cultural confidentiality in a changing Australia Christoph Antons
8. Cadbury Schweppes v Pub Squash
what is all the fizz about? Mark Davison
9. The Firmagroup case
trigger for designs law reform Janice Luck
10. Larger than life in the Australian cinema
Pacific Dunlop v Hogan Megan Richardson
11. O Fortuna! On the vagaries of litigation and the story of musical debasement in Australia Elizabeth Adeney
12. The protection of At the Waterhole by John Bulun Bulun
Aboriginal art and the recognition of private and communal rights Colin Golvan
13. The grapes of wrath
geographical indications, international trade and the Coonawarra case Matthew Rimmer
14. Waiting for the 'Billy'® to boil
the Waltzing Matilda case Leanne Wiseman and Matthew Hall
15. The Panel case Melissa de Zwart.