Landslides: Types, Mechanisms and Modeling

Landslides: Types, Mechanisms and Modeling

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Cambridge University Press, 8/23/2012
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Hardcover, 429 pages, 28 x 22.6 x 2.8 cm
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Landslides have geological causes but can be triggered by natural processes (rainfall, snowmelt, erosion and earthquakes) or by human actions such as agriculture and construction. Research aimed at better understanding slope stability and failure has accelerated in recent years, accompanied by basic field research and numerical modeling of slope failure processes, mechanisms of debris movement, and landslide causes and triggers. Written by seventy-five world-leading researchers and practitioners, this book provides a state-of-the-art summary of landslide science. It features both field geology and engineering approaches, as well as modeling of slope failure and run-out using a variety of numerical codes. It is illustrated with international case studies integrating geological, geotechnical and remote sensing studies, and includes recent slope investigations in North America, Europe and Asia. This is an essential reference for researchers and graduate students in geomorphology, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and geophysics, as well as professionals in natural hazard analysis.

List of contributors
Preface John J. Clague and Douglas Stead
1. Landslide hazard and risk John J. Clague and Nick Roberts
2. Landslides in the Earth system Oliver Korup
3. Earthquake ground motion and patterns of seismically induced landsliding Niels Hovius and Patrick Meunier
4. Landslides at stratovolcanoes initiated by volcanic unrest Christopher F. Waythomas
5. Mobility of long-runout rock avalanches Tim Davies and Mauri McSaveney
6. Rapid rock slope failures Reginald L. Hermanns and Oddvar Longva
7. Risk assessment for debris flows Matthias Jakob and Kris Holm
8. Landslides in quick clay J. Kenneth Torrance
9. Controls on the distribution of major types of submarine landslides David J. W. Piper, David C. Mosher and D. Calvin Campbell
10. Tsunami hazard assessment related to slope failures in coastal waters Brian D. Bornhold and Richard E. Thomson
11. Physical impacts of climate change on landslide occurrence and related adaptation Christian Huggel, N. Khabarov, Oliver Korup and M. Obersteinter
12. Landslides and geological environments Robin Fell, David Stapledon and Patrick MacGregor
13. Numerical modeling of rock slope instability Douglas Stead and John Coggan
14. Remote sensing techniques and landslides David Petley
15. Engineering geomorphology of landslides James S. Griffiths and Malcolm Whitworth
16. Developments in landslide runout prediction Scott McDougall, Mika McKinnon and Oldrich Hungr
17. Models of the triggering of landslides during earthquakes Randall W. Jibson
18. Slow rock slope deformation Federico Agliardi, Giovanni B. Crosta and Paolo Frattini
19. Landslide monitoring
the role of investigative monitoring to improve understanding and early warning of failure Erik Eberhardt
20. Groundwater in slopes Luciano Picarelli, S. Leroueil, L. Olivares, L. Pagano, P. Tommasi and G. Urciuoli
21. Soil slope stabilization Edward N. Bromhead, Seyyedmahdi Hosseyni and Nobuyuki Torii
22. Rock fall characterization and modeling Paolo Frattini, Giovanni B. Crosta and Federico Agliardi
23. The 2006 Eiger rockslide, European Alps Michel Jaboyedoff, Marc-Henri Derron, Julien Jakubowski, Thierry Oppikofer and Andrea Pedrazzini
24. Randa
kinematics and driving mechanisms of a large complex rockslide Simon Loew, V. Gischig, H. Willenberg, A. Alpiger and J. R. Moore
25. Characterization and management of rockslide hazard at Turtle Mountain, Alberta, Canada Corey R. Froese, Marie Charrière, Florian Humair, Michel Jaboyedoff and Andrea Pedrazzini
26. The Ã…knes rockslide, Norway Lars Harald Blikra
27. A seismometric approach for back-analysing an unusual rockfall in the Appenines of Italy G. Bianchi Fasani, C. Esposito, S. Martino, G. Scarascia Mugnozza, L. Lenti and M. Pecci
28. Downie Slide, British Columbia, Canada Katherine Kalenchuk, D. Jean Hutchinson, Mark Diederichs and Dennis Moore
29. The 1963 Vaiont landslide, Italy Monica Ghirotti
30. Hong Kong landslides S. R. Hencher and A. W. Malone
31. Landslides induced by the Wenchuan earthquake Mashiro Chigira, Wang Gonghui and Wu Xiyong
32. Landslides on other planets M. H. K. Bulmer