Language and Gender

Language and Gender

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Penelope Eckert, Sally McConnell-Ginet
Cambridge University Press, 09/01/2003
EAN 9780521652834, ISBN10: 0521652839

Paperback, 380 pages, 25.2 x 17.6 x 3 cm

Language and Gender is a new introduction to the study of the relation between gender and language use, written by two of the leading experts in the field. It covers the main topics, beginning with a clear discussion of gender and of the resources that the linguistic system offers for the construction of social meaning. The body of the book offers an unprecedentedly broad and deep coverage of the interaction between language and social life, ranging from nuances of pronunciation to conversational dynamics to the deployment of metaphor. The discussion is organized around the contributions language makes to situated social practice rather than around linguistic structures or gender analyses. At the same time, it introduces linguistic concepts in a way that is suitable for non-linguists. It is set to become the standard textbook for courses on language and gender.

‘This is the textbook on language and gender we have all been waiting for.’ Janet Holmes, Victoria University, Wellington

‘… invaluable to language and gender specialists and their students alike.’ Mary Bucholtz, University of California, Santa Barbara

‘With its regular summaries, unambiguous explanations, and entertaining examples, this remains a good basic text, fascinating for those who know nothing of the subject, and useful for students in other disciplines needing an introduction to the study of language and gender.’ Language and Gender

'This volume authored by Eckert and McConnell-Ginet is particularly welcome … the work is well accessible to non-linguists.' Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

'… it is written in an accessible and user-friendly style … students reading this book as a course textbook are able to analyse and question the relation between language and gender in very complex and sophisticated ways'. Journal of Sociolinguistics

'… [a] comprehensive introduction to the study of gender and language use. … unlike previous published books on the same subject, Eckert and McConnell-Ginet's has been written in an accessible style, making the volume particularly manageable and engaging to newcomers. … of great value to students of linguistics and/or gender studies.' Discourse & Society

'Just looking at the chapter headings of this book is tantalizing. … the entire book is comprehensively and clearly written while maintaining a high scholarly standard. … this book is the best introduction to 'Language and Gender' currently available.' Discourse Studies