Language in the USA: Themes for the Twenty-first Century

Language in the USA: Themes for the Twenty-first Century

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Cambridge University Press, 2004-06-24
EAN 9780521777476, ISBN10: 052177747X

Hardcover, 519 pages, 24.6 x 17.5 x 3.3 cm

This textbook provides a comprehensive survey of current language issues in the USA. Through a series of specially commissioned chapters by leading scholars, it explores the nature of language variation in the United States and its social, historical and political significance. The book is divided into three sections. Part I, American English, explores the history and distinctiveness of American English, and regional and social varieties. Part II, Other Language Varieties, looks at multilingualism and linguistic diversity. Part III, The Sociolinguistic Situation in the USA includes chapters on attitudes to language, language and education, Rap and Hip Hop, and adolescent language. It also explores issues such as the Ebonics controversy and the English Only movement. Clear, accessible and broad in its coverage, this book will be welcomed by students across the disciplines of English, Linguistics, Communication, American Studies and Popular Culture, as well as anyone interested more generally in language-related issues.

'the publishers have rightly decided that a completely new book is in order to illustrate recent findings and new foci of the "21st century". ... Finegan provides a useful survey, ... and recent atlases, which includes an intelligent use of maps. The chapter interestingly shows that very different methods of data collection and analysis over the years have generally confirmed the findings of the earlier studies.' Anglia