Languages in Contact (Key Topics in Sociolinguistics)

Languages in Contact (Key Topics in Sociolinguistics)

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Lisa Lim
Cambridge University Press, 10/1/2015
EAN 9780521149259, ISBN10: 0521149258

Paperback, 252 pages, 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.4 cm
Language: English

Introducing new findings from popular culture, the globalised new economy and computer-mediated communication, this is a fascinating study of contact between languages in modern societies. Ansaldo and Lim bring together research on multilingualism, code-switching, language endangerment, and globalisation, into a comprehensive overview of world Englishes and creoles. Illustrated with a wide range of original examples from typologically diverse languages, including Sinitic, Autronesian, Dravidian and other non-Indo-European varieties, the book focuses on structural analyses of Asian ecologies and their relevance for current theories of contact phenomena. Full of new insights, it is essential reading for students and researchers across linguistics, culture and communication.

1. Perspectives on contact
2. Contact and code choice
3. Contact and creole formation
4. Contact and language evolution
5. Contact and ecology
6. Contact and shift
7. Contact and globalisation
8. Reflections and future directions.