Latin America in Colonial Times

Latin America in Colonial Times

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Matthew Restall, Kris Lane
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 6/14/2018
EAN 9781108403467, ISBN10: 1108403468

Paperback, 362 pages, 25.5 x 18.2 x 1.6 cm
Language: English

Few milestones in human history are as momentous as the meeting of three great civilizations on American soil in the sixteenth century. The fully revised textbook Latin America in Colonial Times presents that story in an engaging but informative new package, revealing how a new civilization and region - Latin America - emerged from that encounter. The authors give equal attention to the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors and settlers, to the African slaves they brought across the Atlantic, and to the indigenous peoples whose lands were invaded. From the dawn of empires in the fifteenth century, through the conquest age of the sixteenth and to the end of empire in the nineteenth, the book combines broad brushstrokes with anecdotal details that bring the era to life. This new edition incorporates the newest scholarship on Spain, Portugal, and Atlantic Africa, in addition to Latin America itself, with indigenous and African views and women's experiences and contributions to colonial society highlighted throughout.

List of maps and in focus boxes
the colonial crucible
Part I. Before the Great Encounter
1. Native America
2. Castile and Portugal
3. Atlantic Africa
Part II. The Long Conquest
4. The Iberian imperial dawn
5. Native American empires
6. The chain of conquest
7. The incomplete conquest
Part III. The Colonial Middle
8. Native communities
9. Black communities
10. The religious resistance
11. Deviancy, discipline, and identity
12. Daily life in the city and country
Part IV. The Age of Change
13. War and reform
14. Late-colonial life
15. Independence