Latin American Development Priorities: Costs and Benefits

Latin American Development Priorities: Costs and Benefits

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Cambridge University Press, 1/28/2010
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Many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have achieved considerable economic growth, yet the region still faces many seemingly intractable problems. The conventional wisdom in development agencies - that prioritization is impossible and that everything must be done - is simply not effective. Latin American Development Priorities shows how limited resources could be used for the greatest benefit of the Latin American and Caribbean region. A panel of economists met over three days in San José to review proposals to tackle the ten most important challenges, which emerged from a survey by the Inter-American Development Bank. The expert panel was asked a question which appears simple but is actually very difficult to answer: What should Latin American governments do with an additional nominal $10 billion? Hard choices are needed if Latin America's problems are to be tackled effectively. This book provides the means to make those choices as objectively as possible.

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List of contributors
Foreword Luis Alberto Moreno
Introduction Bjørn Lomborg
1. Democracy Mark P. Jones
2. Education Amy Damon and Paul Glewwe
2.1. Education - an alternative view Miguel Urquiola
3. Employment and social security Alejandro Cox Edwards
3.1. Employment and social security - an alternative view Adriana Kugler
4. Environment Roger Sedjo
4.1.Environment - an alternative view Randall A. Kramer
5. Fiscal problems Miguel Braun
5.1. Fiscal problems - an alternative view Max A. Alier and Benedict Clements
6. Health Philip Musgrove
6.1. Health - an alternative view William Savedoff
7. Infrastructure Julio A. Gonzalez, Jose Luis Guasch and Tomas Serebrisky
7.1. Infrastructure - an alternative view Ronald Fischer
8. Poverty Sebastian Galiani
8.1. Poverty - an alternative view Stephen Younger
9. Public administration Susan Rose Ackerman
9.1. Public administration - an alternative view Ugo Panizza
10. Violence and crime Mark A. Cohen and Mauricio Rubio
10.1. Violence and crime - an alternative view Andrew Morrison