Lawyering Skills and the Legal Process (Law in Context)

Lawyering Skills and the Legal Process (Law in Context)

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Caroline Maughan
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 2010-08-12
EAN 9780521619509, ISBN10: 0521619505

Paperback, 466 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2.6 cm
Language: English

Lawyering Skills and the Legal Process bridges the gap between academic and practical law for students undertaking skills-based and clinical legal education courses at university. It develops oral and written communication, group working, problem solving and conflict resolution skills in a range of legal contexts: client interviewing, drafting, managing cases, legal negotiation and advocacy. The book is designed specifically to help students to practise and develop skills that will be essential in a range of occupations; develop a deeper understanding of the English legal process and the lawyer's role in that process; enhance their understanding of the relationship between legal skills and ethics; and understand how they learn and how they can make their learning more effective. This book provides a stimulating, accessible and challenging approach to understanding the problems and uncertainties of practising law that goes beyond the standard approaches to lawyers' skills.