Leibniz and his Correspondents

Leibniz and his Correspondents

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Cambridge University Press, 4/26/2004
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Hardcover, 326 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.2 cm
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Unlike most of the other great philosophers Leibniz never wrote a magnum opus, so his philosophical correspondence is essential for an understanding of his views. This collection of essays by pre-eminent figures in the field of Leibniz scholarship is a most thorough account of Leibniz's philosophical correspondencee. It both illuminates Leibniz's philosophical views and pays due attention to the dialectical context in which the relevant passages from the letters occur. The result is a book of enormous value to all serious students of early-modern philosophy and the history of ideas.

1. Introduction Paul Lodge
2. Leibniz and his master
the correspondence with Jakob Thomasius Christia Mercer
3. A philosophical apprenticeship
Leibniz's correspondence with the secretary of the Royal Society, Henry Oldenburg Philip Beeley
4. The Leibniz-Foucher alliance and its philosophical bases Stuart Brown
5. Leibniz to Arnauld
platonic and aristotelian themes on matter and corporeal substance Martha Brandt Bolton
6. Leibniz and Fardella
body, substance and idealism Daniel Garber
7. Leibniz's exchange with the Jesuits in China Franklin Perkins
8. Leibniz's close encounter with cartesianism in the correspondence with De Volder Paul Lodge
9. 'All the time and everywhere everything's the same as here'
the principle of uniformity in the correspondence between Leibniz and Lady Masham Pauline Phemister
10. Idealism declined
Leibniz and Christian Wolff Donald Rutherford
11. On substance and relations in Leibniz's correspondence with Des Bosses Brandon Look
12. '[…] et je serai tousjours la même pour vous'
personal, political and philosophical dimensions of the Leibniz-Caroline correspondence Gregory Brown