Literature in the Digital Age (Cambridge Introductions to Literature (Hardcover))

Literature in the Digital Age (Cambridge Introductions to Literature (Hardcover))

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Adam Hammond
Cambridge University Press, 11/30/2015
EAN 9781107041905, ISBN10: 1107041902

Hardcover, 280 pages, 23.8 x 15.2 x 2 cm
Language: English

Literature in a Digital Age: An Introduction guides readers through the most salient theoretical, interpretive, and creative possibilities opened up by the shift to digital literary forms such as e-books, digital archives, and electronic literature. While Digital Humanities (DH) has been hailed as the 'next big thing' in literary studies, many students and scholars remain perplexed as to what a DH approach to literature entails, and skeptical observers continue to see literature and the digital world as fundamentally incompatible. In its argument that digital and traditional scholarship should be placed in dialogue with each other, this book contextualizes the advent of the digital in literary theory, explores the new questions readers can ask of texts when they become digitized, and investigates the challenges that fresh forms of born-digital fiction pose to existing models of literary analysis.

1. Is literature dying in the digital age?
2. Digitization
3. Born digital
print in the digital age.