Locke: A Biography

Locke: A Biography

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Roger Woolhouse
Cambridge University Press, 3/19/2009
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Paperback, 560 pages, 22.8 x 16.5 x 3.4 cm
Language: English

This is the first comprehensive biography of John Locke to be published in nearly a half century. Setting Locke's life within exciting historical and intellectual contexts, which included the English Civil War, religious persecution, and the Glorious Revolution of 1688, Roger Woolhouse interweaves an account of Locke's life with a summary and development of his ideas in theory of knowledge, philosophy of science, medicine, economics, philosophy of religion, and political philosophy. Systematic and encyclopedic in its coverage, Woolhouse's biography offers both an account and explanation of Locke's ideas, while treating seriously his emotional relationship with Elinor Parry. Based on broad research and many years of study of Locke's philosophy, this volume is an authoritative biography on one of the most significant early modern philosophers.

a man of versatile mind
1. Upbringing and education (1632–58)
2. College offices and medical studies (1659–67)
3. Exeter House, London (1666–75)
4. France (November 1675–May 1679)
5. Thanet House and London (May 1679–September 1683)
6. Holland and the United Provinces (1683–8)
7. London (February 1689–December 1690)
8. Oates (January 1691–December 1695)
9. 'A gentleman's duty' (December 1695–March 1700)
10. 'Laying down his place' (March 1700–October 1704).

'If one loves Locke, or liberty, or, indeed, Somerset, this is a book one cannot comfortably live without. Roger Woolhouse is a professor of philosophy, so he can explain the full development of Locke's philosophical works. He combines that with a warm and fascinating account of Locke's personal and political life.' The Times