Magnetic Memory: Fundamentals and Technology

Magnetic Memory: Fundamentals and Technology

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Denny D. Tang, Yuan-Jen Lee
Cambridge University Press, 4/22/2010
EAN 9780521449649, ISBN10: 0521449642

Hardcover, 208 pages, 25.4 x 18 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

If you are a semiconductor engineer or a magnetics physicist developing magnetic memory, get the information you need with this, the first book on magnetic memory. From magnetics to the engineering design of memory, this practical book explains key magnetic properties and how they are related to memory performance, characterization methods of magnetic films, and tunneling magnetoresistance effect devices. It also covers memory cell options, array architecture, circuit models, and read-write engineering issues. You'll understand the soft fail nature of magnetic memory, which is very different from that of semiconductor memory, as well as methods to deal with the issue. You'll also get invaluable problem-solving insights from real-world memory case studies. This is an essential book for semiconductor engineers who need to understand magnetics, and for magnetics physicists who work with MRAM. It is also a valuable reference for graduate students working in electronic/magnetic device research.

1. Basic magnetostatics
2. Magnetic films
3. Properties of patterned ferromagnetic film
4. Magnetoresistance effects and memory devices
5. Field-write mode MRAMs
6. Spin torque transfer MRAM
7. Applications of MTJ based technology
A. Unit conversion table cgs vs. SI
B. Dimensions of magnetism
C. Physical constants
D. Normal (Gaussian) distribution and quantile plot
E. Weibull distribution
F. TDDB reliability test of thin film
G. Binomial distribution and Poisson distribution
H. Defect density
I. Fe, Co, Ni element chemistry parameters
J. Soft error, hard fail and design margin.