Mammoths and the Environment

Mammoths and the Environment

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Valentina V. Ukraintseva
Cambridge University Press, 8/8/2013
EAN 9781107027169, ISBN10: 1107027160

Hardcover, 354 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2 cm
Language: English

The study of fossilised remains of herbivorous animals, particularly those rare findings with well-preserved gastrointestinal tracts filled with plant remains, is crucial to our understanding of the environment in which they lived. Summarising thirty years of research, Ukraintseva presents evidence on plants once eaten by Siberia's major herbivorous mammals. The collection of pollen and plant spores from food remains sheds light on the vegetation of these ancient habitats, enabling researchers to reconstruct local floras of the time. This also promotes further insight into the causes of the extinction of various species due to changing environmental conditions and food availability. Providing a history of the research undertaken, the book also includes specific chapters on the Cherski horse and bison, along with the vegetation and climate of Siberia in the late Anthropogene period, making it a lasting reference tool for graduate students and researchers in the field.

1. Some pages of history
2. Material and methods
3. The mammoth faunal complex
4. Solving the mysteries of the Siberian mammoth and its companions
5. Food remains of fossil herbivorous mammals as indicators of Late Quaternary floras in the North of Siberia
6. Vegetation and climate of Siberia in the Late Quaternary
7. Why did the mammoths die out so quickly?
8. Summary