Management of Abdominal Hernias

Management of Abdominal Hernias

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Andrew Kingsnorth, Karl Leblanc
Hodder Arnold
Edition: 3rd, 30/05/2003
EAN 9780340808900, ISBN10: 034080890X

Hardcover, 360 pages, 27.8 x 22 x 2.4 cm

Hernia repair is the commonest operation in general surgery accounting for up to 15% of procedures in some practices. While straightforward open repair of inguinal hernia is a relatively simple operation, more complex hernias demand great surgical skill. In addition, herniology has undergone considerable revolution over the past five years with the introduction and evaluation of laparoscopic repair techniques.

This timely third edition of Management of Abdominal Hernias discusses every aspect of hernia repair and gives a balanced account of the various repair methods and helpful advice on which to use for different conditions.

Chapters have been revised and updated throughout. In particular the logistics of hernia repair has been completely reworked to take into account developments in ambulatory day-case hernia surgery, principles of surgery has been fully updated and anaesthesia for hernia surgery has been rewritten with new illustrations throughout. The third edition also features new material on methods of investigation of the occult hernia and sportsman’s groin, a discussion of the various types of mesh repair, an improved international perspective in the outcome data that is presented and a revision of the material on incisional hernia with an emphasis on modern techniques of incisional hernia repair.

Drawing on the considerable experience of the two internationally renowned authors, this readable, well-balanced, beautifully illustrated and authoritative account is a must for the bookshelf of the general surgeon.