Manual of Neurosonology

Manual of Neurosonology

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Claudio Baracchini Edited by László Csiba
Cambridge University Press, 4/30/2016
EAN 9781107659155, ISBN10: 1107659159

Paperback, 304 pages, 24.3 x 18.8 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

Neurosonology is non-invasive, portable, and has excellent temporal resolution, making it a valuable and increasingly popular tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological conditions when compared to other imaging techniques. This guide looks beyond the use of neurovascular ultrasound in stroke to encompass a wide range of other neurological diseases and emergencies. It offers a practical approach to the examination of patients, interpretation of ultrasound studies, and the application of neurosonology to the development of management and treatment strategies. Each chapter incorporates a thorough and clear procedural methodology alongside scanning tips for trainees; this step-by-step approach is further enhanced by example images and focused diagnostic questions. Authored and edited by international experts, this practical manual of neurosonology is an invaluable resource for neurologists, neurosurgeons, intensivists, radiologists and ultrasonographers.

List of contributors
Foreword David Russell
1. Introduction László Olah
2. Cervical arterial insonation José-Manuel Molto-Jorda and Galina Baltgaile
3. Carotid wall imaging José Gutierrez and Tatjana Rundek
4. Endothelial function testing László Csiba
5. Atherosclerotic carotid disease Massimo Del Sette, Valentina Saia, Edoardo Vicenzini and G.-Michael von Reutern
6. Atherosclerotic vertebral artery disease Ralf Dittrich and E. Bernd Ringelstein
7. Cervical artery dissection Claudio Baracchini
8. Cervical artery vasculitides Mathias H. Sturzenegger
9. Transcranial insonation Eva Bartels, José-M. Valdueza, Ekaterina Titianova and Ildikó Vastagh
10. Intracranial stenosis/occlusion Claudio Baracchini and Kurt Niederkorn
11. Extracranial/intracranial collateral pathways Manfred Kaps
12. Acute ischemic stroke Georgios Tsivgoulis and Aristeidis H. Katsanos, and Christos Krogias
13. Intracranial perfusion imaging Stephen Meairs
14. Sonothrombolysis José Navarro, Kristian Barlinn, Georgios Tsivgoulis and Andrei V. Alexandrov
15. Microembolic signal detection László Nemeth, Vendel Kemény and László Csiba
16. Right-to-left shunt detection Susanna Horner
17. Cerebral autoregulation Elsa Azevedo and Pedro Castro
18. Vasomotor reactivity Alexander Gur, Attila Csányi and Natan M. Bornstein
19. Functional transcranial ultrasound Juergen Klingelhoefer
20. Neuromonitoring under critical care conditions Béla Fülesdi, Péter Siró and Csilla Molnár
21. Cerebral circulatory arrest Stephan J. Schreiber
22. Intracranial venous ultrasound Erwin Stolz
23. Cervical venous ultrasound Florian Doepp (Connolly) and José-M. Valdueza
24. Brain parenchyma imaging Uwe Walter
25. Orbital ultrasound Mario Siebler
26. Ultrasonography of the peripheral nerves Henrich Kele