Marine Turbulence: Theories, Observations, and Models

Marine Turbulence: Theories, Observations, and Models

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Har/Cdr, 2005-04-04
EAN 9780521837897, ISBN10: 0521837898

Hardcover, 652 pages, 28.2 x 22.4 x 3.8 cm
Language: English

The first book to give a comprehensive overview of measurement techniques and theories for marine turbulence and mixing processes. Part I introduces the nature of turbulence in relation to stratification, waves and intermittence. Part II describes observational techniques for field studies. Part III presents selected computational means for the study of turbulence. Part IV introduces details of boundary layers. Parts V and VI present case studies in estuaries, fjords, lakes, seas and at the shelf edge. Part VII bridges the small-scale 3D turbulence and quasi-2D turbulence occurring on the planetary scale. Part VIII concludes with an overview of comprehensive data sets and model codes, many of which are included on the enclosed CD-ROM. Written by a team of 53 world-leading experts, Marine Turbulence represents a rich source of data and methods for students and scientists in oceanography, hydrology, limnology, and meteorology, as well as marine, naval and civil engineers.