Marxism in Russia: Key Documents 1879-1906

Marxism in Russia: Key Documents 1879-1906

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Neil Harding
Cambridge University Press, 3/9/2009
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This book is a documentary record of the statements and debates that defined the formative period of a movement that has affected modern politics and history more than any other. It is generally acknowledged that not only were the theoretical problems faced by Russian Marxists during this period more complex than those encountered elsewhere but that they also brought to the resolution of these problems an originality and intellectual rigour second to none in the Marxist tradition. As predominantly a movement of intellectuals during these years they achieved a level of articulation and sophistication unsurpassed in the literature of Marxism, and that makes them such a rewarding subject of study. Plekhanov, Akselrod, Lenin, Struve, Martov, Trotsky, Luxemburg and Kautsky all feature in both celebrated and little-known texts alongside anonymous pamphleteers and writers of resolutions, editorials, flysheets and programmes.

1. 1879–1893
theoretical foundations and worker projects
2. 1894–1897
bridges to the workers - economic agitation
3. 1898–1902
political agitation and the crisis of orthodoxy
4. The Bolshevik/Menshevik dispute - organisational questions and appraisals of the 1905 revolution.