Mechanics of Solids and Materials

Mechanics of Solids and Materials

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Robert Asaro, Vlado Lubarda
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 1/16/2006
EAN 9780521859790, ISBN10: 0521859794

Hardcover, 880 pages, 26.2 x 18.3 x 4.3 cm
Language: English

Mechanics of Solids and Materials intends to provide a modern and integrated treatment of the foundations of solid mechanics as applied to the mathematical description of material behavior. The 2006 book blends both innovative (large strain, strain rate, temperature, time dependent deformation and localized plastic deformation in crystalline solids, deformation of biological networks) and traditional (elastic theory of torsion, elastic beam and plate theories, contact mechanics) topics in a coherent theoretical framework. The extensive use of transform methods to generate solutions makes the book also of interest to structural, mechanical, and aerospace engineers. Plasticity theories, micromechanics, crystal plasticity, energetics of elastic systems, as well as an overall review of math and thermodynamics are also covered in the book.

Part I. Mathematical Preliminaries
1. Vectors and tensors
2. Basic integral theorems
3. Fourier series and Fourier integrals
Part II. Continuum Mechanics
4. Kinematics of continuum
5. Kinetics of continuum
6. Thermodynamics of continuum
7. Nonlinear elasticity
Part III. Linear Elasticity
8. Governing equations
9. Elastic beam problems
10. Solutions in polar coordinates
11. Torsion and bending of prismatic rods
12. Semi-infinite media
13. Isotropic 3-D solutions
14. Anisotropic 3-D solutions
15. Plane contact problems
16. Deformation of plates
Part IV. Micromechanics
17. Dislocations and cracks
elementary treatment
18. Dislocations in anisotropic media
19. Cracks in anisotropic media
20. The Inclusion Problem
21. Forces and energy in elastic systems
22. Micropolar elasticity
Part V. Thin Films and Interfaces
23. Dislocations in biomaterials
24. Strain relaxation in thin films
25. Stability of planar interfaces
Part VI. Plasticity and Viscoplasticity
26. Phenomenological plasticity
27. Micromechanics of crystallographic slip
28. Crystal plasticity
29. The nature of crystalline deformation
localized plastic deformation
30. Polycrystal plasticity
31. Laminate plasticity
Part VII. Biomechanics
32. Mechanics of a growing mass
33. Constitutive relations for membranes
Part VIII. Solved Problems
34. Solved problems for chapters 1-33.