Medical Humanities: An Introduction

Medical Humanities: An Introduction

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Thomas R. Cole
Cambridge University Press, 10/31/2014
EAN 9781107614178, ISBN10: 1107614171

Paperback, 462 pages, 25.3 x 17.7 x 2.4 cm
Language: English

This textbook brings the humanities to students in order to evoke the humanity of students. It helps to form individuals who take charge of their own minds, who are free from narrow and unreflective forms of thought, and who act compassionately in their public and professional worlds. Using concepts and methods of the humanities, the book addresses undergraduate and premed students, medical students, and students in other health professions, as well as physicians and other healthcare practitioners. It encourages them to consider the ethical and existential issues related to the experience of disease, care of the dying, health policy, religion and health, and medical technology. Case studies, images, questions for discussion, and role-playing exercises help readers to engage in the practical, interpretive, and analytical aspects of the material, developing skills for critical thinking as well as compassionate care.

Part I. History and Medicine
1. The doctor-patient relationship Thomas Cole and Benjamin Saxton
2. Constructing disease Thomas Cole and Benjamin Saxton
3. Educating doctors Thomas Cole and Benjamin Saxton
4. Technology and medicine Thomas Cole and Benjamin Saxton
5. The health of populations Thomas Cole and Benjamin Saxton
6. Death and dying Thomas Cole and Benjamin Saxton
Part II. Literature, the Arts, and Medicine
7. Narratives of illness Ronald Carson
8. Aging in film Thomas Cole and Benjamin Saxton
9. Medicine and media Nathan Carlin
10. Poetry and moral imagination Ronald Carson
11. Doctor-writers Ronald Carson
12. Studying medicine Ronald Carson
Part III. Philosophy and Medicine
13. Ways of knowing Ronald Carson
14. Goals of medicine Ronald Carson
15. Health and disease Thomas Cole and Benjamin Saxton
16. Moral philosophy and bioethics Ronald Carson
17. Medicine and power Nathan Carlin
18. Just health care Ronald Carson
Part IV. Religion and Medicine
19. World religions for medical humanities Nathan Carlin
20. Religion and health Nathan Carlin
21. Religion and reality Nathan Carlin
22. Religion and bioethics Nathan Carlin
23. Suffering and hope Nathan Carlin
Contributions to chapters William Howze.