Medical Law and Medical Ethics

Medical Law and Medical Ethics

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Nils Hoppe
Cambridge University Press, 5/26/2014
EAN 9781107612372, ISBN10: 1107612373

Paperback, 328 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 1.7 cm
Language: English

A focus on the interplay between medical law and medical ethics makes this refreshing new textbook the most balanced approach available to students of law and medicine. By offering a unique chapter structure which gives equal weight to both the legal and ethical issues it allows for an appreciation of all factors at play in the field of medical law. In addition, its student-friendly writing style combined with critical analysis gives students the tools to engage with key issues and form their own understanding. Accompanying online case studies convey the law in practice, and encourage students to consider their own views and arguments in terms of legal analysis and ethical consideration. Coverage of recent judicial cases and statutes, with a good balance of factual detail and critical analysis, allows students to engage with this evolving discipline.

1. Introduction
2. Confidentiality and access to information
3. Errors and fault
4. Consent and autonomy
5. Incapable adults and children
6. Resource allocation and prioritisation
7. Assisted reproduction
8. Abortion, neonaticide and infanticide
9. Organ and tissue transplantation
10. Research
11. End of life
12. Concluding thoughts.

Advance praise: 'This book provides a thoughtful and insightful engagement with the subject of medical law. In encouraging readers to think thematically across different substantive areas, the authors have succeeded in not only illuminating some of the most crucial ethical debates for this area of legal regulation, but of telling the story of the development of medical law and of highlighting the difficulty of the decisions that have to be reached. The book's conversational style is sure to provoke further interesting debate amongst its readership.' Julie McCandless, London School of Economics and Political Science