Memory, War and Trauma

Memory, War and Trauma

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Nigel C. Hunt
Cambridge University Press, 2010-05-13
EAN 9780521716253, ISBN10: 052171625X

Hardcover, 244 pages, 23.5 x 15.5 x 1.6 cm

Many millions of people are affected by the trauma of war. Psychologists have a good understanding of how experiences of war impact on memory, but the significance of external environmental influences is often disregarded. Memory, War and Trauma focuses on our understanding of the psychosocial impact of war in its broadest sense. Nigel C. Hunt argues that, in order to understand war trauma, it is critical to develop an understanding not only of the individual perspective but also of how societal and cultural factors impact on the outcome of an individual's experience. This is a compelling book which helps to demonstrate why some people suffer from post-traumatic stress while other people don't, and how narrative understanding is important to the healing process. Its multidisciplinary perspective will enable a deeper understanding of both individual traumatic stress and the structures of memory.

'An imaginative and highly readable introduction to the study of the lifelong personal consequences of war. The author demonstrates a lively personal engagement with his subject and has the necessary wide range of interests, from the biological and social sciences to the humanities, to do it justice.' Peter G. Coleman, University of Southampton