Metrical Phonology: A Course Book

Metrical Phonology: A Course Book

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Richard Hogg, Chris McCully
Cambridge University Press, 3/5/1987
EAN 9780521316514, ISBN10: 0521316510

Paperback, 286 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm
Language: English

This book is an introduction to the theory of metrical phonology, one of the most exciting developments in linguistic theory in the last decade. Metrical phonology has revolutionised our ideas and knowledge of such phenomena as stress patterning, and contributed to a better understanding of quite basic phonological issues. Up to now the material which has been published in this field has taken the form of scholarly articles and dissertations: the aim of this book is to provide a simple and accessible introduction to the topic. It concentrates on stress and rhythmical phenomena in English - as the most profitable introduction to the theory - and discusses fully the comparative merits of different approaches; but the authors leave the reader to determine for himself the most appropriate solution, having presented a wide range of evidence and alternative analyses. There are frequent exercises to encourage the student to practise the analytical techniques and understand developments in the theory. Each chapter ends with a list of topics for discussion, and a section on further reading.

1. Segmental approaches to stress
2. Segments and syllables
3. Metrical phonology
the basic concepts
4. The phonology of rhythm (1)
introduction to the metrical grid
5. The phonology of rhythm (2)
'grid-only' metrical phonology
6. The phonology of rhythm (3)
'tree-only' metrical phonology