Milton and the Ends of Time

Milton and the Ends of Time

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Edited by Juliet Cummins
Cambridge University Press, 5/1/2003
EAN 9780521816656, ISBN10: 0521816653

Hardcover, 266 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.9 cm
Language: English

In Milton and the Ends of Time, a team of leading international scholars addresses Milton's treatment of millennial and apocalyptic ideas, topics of major importance in the religious and philosophical thought of his day. The subject has wide-ranging ramifications for the interpretation of Milton's poetry and prose, as his speculations on the ends of time played a vital part in shaping the Miltonic quest and vision. This collection thinks critically about Milton's eschatology by arguing that Milton expressed radical millenarian views after the Restoration and by demonstrating the pervasiveness of apocalyptic ideas in Milton's thought. It also provides a broad range of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives; approaches include Milton and the visual arts, Milton's politics and theology, Milton and science and comparative poetics. This volume will be of interest to literary, religious and political historians of the seventeenth century, as well as Milton specialists.

List of contributors
'Those thoughts that wander through eternity' Juliet Cummins
Part I. Millennium
1. Milton and the Millennium Barbara K. Lewalski
2. Mede, Milton and More
Christ's College Millenarians Sarah Hutton
3. Milton and Millenarianism
from the Nativity Ode to Paradise Regained Stella P. Revard
4. Astronomical signs in Paradise Lost
Milton, Ophiucus and the Millennial debate Malabika Sarkar
5. The Millennial moment
Milton vs 'Milton' William B. Hunter
6. Confusion
the apocalypse, the millennium John T. Shawcross
Part II. Apocalypse
7. John Martin's apocalyptic illustrations to Paradise Lost Beverley Sherry
8. The enclosed garden and the apocalypse
immanent versus transcendent time in Milton and Marvell Catherine Gimelli Martin
9. Matter and apocalyptic transformations in Paradise Lost Juliet Cummins
10. 'New heavens, new earth'
apocalypse and the loss of sacramentality in the Postlapsarian books of Paradise Lost Claude N. Stulting, Jr
11. The apocalypse in Paradise Regained Ken Simpson
12. Inspiration and melancholy in Samson Agonistes Karen Edwards
'The Time is Come' David Loewenstein.