Mind, Self and Person (Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements)

Mind, Self and Person (Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements)

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Cambridge University Press, 7/30/2015
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Paperback, 334 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.3 cm
Language: English

The Royal Institute of Philosophy's London Lecture series for 2013–14 brought together contributions from a distinguished group of leading figures in the philosophy of mind. The topic the lecturers were asked to speak and write on, 'Mind, Self and Person', has been at the forefront of philosophical enquiry throughout the history of the subject, and, as will be evident from this volume, is as lively and contested an area of investigation in contemporary philosophy as it was in the days of the ancient Greeks. This collection of papers covers a wide range of issues, including consciousness, the mind and its relation to the body, the self, the nature of the human person, personal identity, the link between mind and morality, the existence of group minds and the educational implications of what we think about the mind.

Preface Anthony O'Hear
1. Group minds and explanatory simplicity Mark Sprevak and David Statham
2. Philosophy and the mind/body problem Paul F. Snowdon
3. On Parfit's view that we are not human beings Eric T. Olson
4. Ambulo ergo sum Lucy O'Brien
5. The place of the self in contemporary metaphysics Rory Madden
6. The neurobiological platform for moral values Patricia S. Churchland
7. 'The secrets of all hearts'
Locke on personal identity Galen Strawson
8. Selfless persons
goodness in an impersonal world? Lynne Rudder Baker
9. From phenomenal selves to hyperselves Barry Dainton
10. An intellectual entertainment
the nature of the mind P. M. S. Hacker
11. Power, scepticism and ethical theory Thomas Pink
12. The mental states of persons and their brains Tim Crane
13. Actual consciousness
database, physicalities, theory, criteria, no unique mystery Ted Honderich
14. Training, transformation and education David Bakhurst.