Models of Care in Women's Health

Models of Care in Women's Health

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Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 6/1/2009
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This book helps to improve the quality of the care in gynaecological practice. Improvement is driven by clinical effectiveness and increasing patient demands, and for each area of practice described this book outlines the service organization needed to achieve this improvement. The goal is to help clinicians take responsibility for developing services that meet the needs of their patients as well as managing their individual medical conditions. The book demonstrates that much can be achieved within current resources and without the need for major additional expense. Different approaches are demonstrated but the key issue is the patient pathway, with the underlying philosophy of continuous improvement in quality. Trainees, clinicians, managers and commissioners of services in obstetrics and gynaecology will find this book of immense practical value.

1. Setting the scene Tahir Mahmood and Charnjit Dhillon
2. Early pregnancy loss, including ectopic pregnancy and recurrent miscarriage Roy Farquharson and Feroza Dawood
3. Infertility Mark Hamilton
4. Acute gynaecology Edmond Ed-Osagie
5. Sexual and reproductive health services Alison Bigrigg, Audrey Brown and Kay McAllister
6. Termination of pregnancy Kamal Ojha and Arti Matah
7. Heavy menstrual bleeding Lilantha Wedisinghe and Mary Ann Lumsden
8. Post-reproductive gynaecology Ailsa Gebbie and Margaret Rees
9. Urogynaecology Robert Freeman and Ash Monga
10. Vulval disease Charles Redman and Richard Todd
11. Gynaecological oncology Henry Kitchener and Andy Nordin
12. Colposcopy services Mahmood Shafi, Maggie Cruickshank and John Tidy
13. Laparoscopic surgery Salma Kayani, Georgios Pandis and Alfred Cutner
14. Gynaecological risk management Leroy Edozien
15. The role of the clinical director Gavin MacNab
16. Recommendations Tahir Mahmood, Allan Templeton and Charnjit Dhillon