Models of Man (Cambridge Philosophy Classics)

Models of Man (Cambridge Philosophy Classics)

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Martin Hollis
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Reprint, 10/15/2015
EAN 9781107534377, ISBN10: 1107534372

Paperback, 172 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1 cm
Language: English

All social theorists and philosophers who seek to explain human action have a 'model of man'; a metaphysical view of human nature that requires its own theory of scientific knowledge. In this influential book, Martin Hollis examines the tensions that arise from the differing views of sociologists, economists and psychologists. He then develops a rationalist model of his own which connects personal and social identity through a theory of rational action and a priori knowledge, allowing humans to both act freely and still be a subject for scientific explanation. Presented in a fresh series livery and including a specially commissioned preface written by Geoffrey Hawthorn, Hollis's important work is made available to a new generation of readers.

Preface to this edition Geoffrey Hawthorn
1. Two models
Part I. Plastic Man
2. Nature and nurture
3. The regularity of the moral world
Part II. Autonomous Man
4. Life's short comedy
5. Personal identity and social identity
6. Elements of action
Part III. Other Minds
7. The rational and the real
8. Ideal understanding
9. Envoi
actor and context
Index of names.