Modern Economic Regulation

Modern Economic Regulation

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Christopher Decker
Cambridge University Press, 8/31/2014
EAN 9781107024236, ISBN10: 1107024234

Hardcover, 528 pages, 25.2 x 17.8 x 2.5 cm
Language: English

Drawing from the most recent work on economic regulation, this book introduces readers to the main principles and examines how economic regulation is applied in four key public utility industries - electricity, gas, water and telecommunications. Written for students and practitioners with little prior knowledge of economic regulation, this is an accessible, non-technical entry point to the subject area, exploring the fundamental questions: Why do we regulate? What are alternatives to regulation? Which institutions are involved in regulation? What have been the impacts of regulation? Readers will gain a clear understanding of the basic principles that apply to all regulated sectors, as well as the regulatory choices that reflect the specific economic and physical characteristics of different industries. Case studies demonstrate connections between regulatory theory and practice, and extensive references provide readers with resources for more in-depth study.

1. Introduction
Part I
2. The recurring question
why regulate utilities?
3. Alternatives to traditional regulation
Part II
4. Principles of regulation for core network activities
5. Forms of price regulation
6. Regulation in the presence of competition
Part III
7. The institutions of regulation
8. Electricity regulation
9. Gas regulation
10. Telecommunications regulation
11. Water and wastewater regulation
12. Conclusions
Cases and legislation
Europe, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand