Modern Oncology: An A-Z of Key Topics

Modern Oncology: An A-Z of Key Topics

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Alastair Munro
Cambridge University Press, 2012-06-07
EAN 9781107687905, ISBN10: 110768790X

Paperback, 342 pages, 23 x 23 x 15.6 cm

Modern Oncology, first published in 2001, offers a concise and accessible guide to the key terms in oncology, defining essential terminology and important concepts in a didactic and highly readable style for a wide audience. Extensive use is made throughout of cross-referencing, to aid rapid access to topics of interest and the broad coverage includes such subjects as physics, radiation biology, clinical pharmacology, statistics and clinical epidemiology, tumour biology and molecular biology. Wherever possible, clinically relevant examples and real-world data are included to help the trainee or busy clinician to quickly place their findings in a broad clinical context. The book will be an essential tool to any healthcare professional with a need to understand oncology when seeing patients, reading medical reports or interpreting scientific papers.