Molecular Crystals

Molecular Crystals

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J. D. Wright
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 12/8/1994
EAN 9780521465106, ISBN10: 0521465109

Hardcover, 236 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.7 cm
Language: English

There has been an explosion of interest in the study of molecular crystals, and their applications in optics and electronics. This advanced 1994 textbook describes their chemical and physical structure, their optical and electronic properties and the reactions between neighbouring molecules in crystals. The author has taken into account research areas which have undergone extremely rapid development since the first edition was published in 1987. For instance, this edition features the applications of molecular materials in high-technology devices. There is also an additional chapter on C60 and organic non-linear optic materials. The level of treatment is aimed at first-year postgraduates or workers in industrial research laboratories wishing to gain insights into organic solid state materials. Molecular Crystals is also suitable for special topics in final year undergraduate courses in chemistry, physics and electronic engineering.

1. Purification and crystal growth
2. Intermolecular forces
3. Crystal structures
4. Impurities and defects
5. Molecular motion in crystals
6. Optical properties of molecular crystals
7. Chemical reactions in molecular crystals
8. Electrical properties
9. Special topic
10. Non-linear optic materials.

'Recommended as excellent reading for those interested in the properties of organic solids.' Choice