Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants

Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants

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Valayamghat Raghavan
Cambridge University Press, 1997-10-13
EAN 9780521552462, ISBN10: 052155246X

Hardcover, 712 pages, 26 x 18.4 x 3.2 cm
Language: English

This book presents a general picture of our current understanding of plant embryology from the formation of floral organs concerned with embryological processes to the genetic manipulation of embryos. Against the background of classical embryological studies, chapters in this book highlight, from a molecular-genetic perspective, investigations on the development of the male and female reproductive units, male sterility, incompatibility, fertilisation, embryo and endosperm development, storage protein synthesis and adventive embryogenesis in flowering plants. Dramatic new developments in molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques have opened up new frontiers in our commercial exploitation of flowering plants. Manipulation of embryological processes to improve the quantity and quality of plant food products is one of the cherished goals of plant biologists and the work described in this book provides the up-to-date fundamental information necessary to achieve this goal. Plant biotechnologists, and cell and molecular biologists will find this book to be an invaluable reference and source book on plant embryogenesis.

'… an up-to-date reference for research botanists.' Mark Pagel, The Times Higher Education Supplement

'… the new book is undoubtly superior to electronic abstract collections or specialized reviews, and will generally provide access to recent research … a valuable resource and should certainly be found on the shelves of plant biology libraries.' Thomas Berleth, Trends in Plant Science

'… fulfils the long-felt need and may become another classic. Indeed, Raghavan needs to be congratulated for bringing together a remarkable wealth of information … the book is a result of scholarship and dedication of the highest order … a landmark in plant biology … the book is a must for all libraries in universities and agricultural institutes. S. C. Maheshwari, Current Science

'It has been the aim of Professor Raghaven to take stock of the 'state-of-the art', but this volume contains very much more than a review of embryogenesis as might be strictly defined … This text will be extremely valuable for those with specific research and teaching interests in plant reproductive biology.' K. Lindsey, New Phytology

'Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants is a scholarly, well-structured, and overwhelmingly referenced text that covers, in a developmental sequence of events, the various facets of plant embryology as traditionally defined.' Gerd Jürgens, BioEssays

'This book deserves a place in the library of every Department of Botany because of the breath and depth of coverage of its topic.' M. H. Weisenseel, Journal of Plant Physiology

' … for all scientists working in experimental plant biology.' Biologia Plantarum

'This text will be extremely valuable for those with specific research and teaching interests in plant reproductive biology.' K. Lindsey, New Phytologist

'It should become an indispensable and well-worn reference source in offices and labs of developmental botanists throughout the world.' Richard Greyson, Canadian Botanical Association Bulletin

'A valuable resource for graduate students and professionals.' Choice

'… highly recommended.' Acta Botanica Nederlandica