Monarchy Transformed: Princes and their Elites in Early Modern Western Europe

Monarchy Transformed: Princes and their Elites in Early Modern Western Europe

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Cambridge University Press, 8/17/2017
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Hardcover, 406 pages, 23.5 x 16 x 2.5 cm
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This decisive contribution to the long-running debate about the dynamics of state formation and elite transformation in early modern Europe examines the new monarchies that emerged during the course of the 'long seventeenth century'. It argues that the players surviving the power struggles of this period were not 'states' in any modern sense, but primarily princely dynasties pursuing not only dynastic ambitions and princely prestige but the consequences of dynastic chance. At the same time, elites, far from insisting on confrontation with the government of princes for principled ideological reasons, had every reason to seek compromise and even advancement through new channels that the governing dynasty offered, if only they could profit from them. Monarchy Transformed ultimately challenges the inevitability of modern maps of Europe and shows how, instead of promoting state formation, the wars of the period witnessed the creation of several dynastic agglomerates and new kinds of aristocracy.

1. Introduction
monarchy transformed - princes and their elites in early modern Western Europe Robert von Friedeburg and John Morrill
Part I. Dynasties and Monarchies
2. Dynasties, realms, peoples and state formation, 1500–1720 John Morrill
3. Dynastic monarchy and the consolidation of aristocracy during Europe's long seventeenth-century Hamish Scott
4. Dynastic instability, the emergence of the French monarchical commonwealth and the coming of the rhetoric of 'L'état', 1360s to 1650s James Collins
5. Setting limits to grandeur
preserving the Spanish monarchy in an iron century B. J.Garcia Garcia
6. The new monarchy in France, the social elites and the society of princes Lucien Bely
Part II. Elites, Rhetoric and Monarchy
7. The King and the family
primogeniture and the Lombard nobility in the Spanish monarchy Antonio Álvarez-Ossorio Alvariño
8. Portugal's elites and political status within the Spanish monarchy Pedro Cardim
9. In the service of the dynasty
building a career in the Habsburg household, 1550–1650 Dries Raeymakers
10. Revolutionary absolutism and the elites of the Danish monarchy in the long seventeenth century Gunner Lind
11. The 'New Monarchy' as despotic beast
the perspective of the lesser nobility in France and Germany, 1630s to 1650s Robert von Friedeburg
12. The crisis of sacral monarchy in England in the late seventeenth century in comparative perspective Ronald G. Asch
Afterword. Rethinking the relations of elites and princes in Europe from the 1590s to the 1720s Nicholas Canny.