Moral Development in a Global World: Research From A Cultural-Developmental Perspective

Moral Development in a Global World: Research From A Cultural-Developmental Perspective

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Reprint, 12/8/2016
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Paperback, 282 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.5 cm
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Questions addressing people's moral lives, similarities and differences in the moral concepts of cultural groups, and how these concepts emerge in the course of development are of perennial interest. In a globalizing world, addressing what is universal and what is culturally distinctive about moral development is pressing. More than ever, well-substantiated knowledge of diverse peoples' moral compasses is needed. This book presents the cultural-developmental theory of moral psychology, findings from numerous countries, and four instruments for conducting cultural-developmental research. The central thesis is that humans are born with a shared moral heritage and that, as we develop from childhood into adulthood, we branch off in diverse directions shaped by culture - resulting in novelty and contention. An international group of eminent and cutting-edge scholars from anthropology, psychology, and linguistics addresses this timely topic and explores how gender, social class, and 'culture wars' between liberals and conservatives play into moral development across cultures.

Foreword Richard A. Shweder
1. Theorizing and researching moral development in a global world Lene Arnett Jensen
2. Divinity in children's moral development
an Indian perspective Niyati Pandya and Ranchana Bhangaokar
3. Finnish moral landscapes
a comparison of nonreligious, liberal religious, and conservative religious adolescents Annukka Vainio
4. An Indian moral worldview
developmental patterns in adolescents and adults Shagufa Kapadia and Rachana Bhangaokar
5. Moral worldviews of American religious emerging adults
three patterns of negotiation between development and culture Laura M. Padilla-Walker and Larry J. Nelson
6. Investigating the three ethics in emerging adulthood
a study in five countries Valeschka M. Guerra and Roger S. Giner-Sorolla
7. The dynamics of ethical co-occurrence in Hmong and American evangelical families
new directions for three ethics research Jacob R. Hickman and Allison DiBianca Fasoli
8. How liberals and conservatives are alike and apart
a research autobiography Lene Arnett Jensen
9. Taking culture and context into account in understanding moral development Joan G. Miller
10. The next step for the cultural-developmental approach
from moral reasoning to moral intentions and behavior Gisela Trommsdorff