Morphological Typology: From Word to Paradigm (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)

Morphological Typology: From Word to Paradigm (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)

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Gregory Stump, Raphael A. Finkel
Cambridge University Press, 2013-07-11
EAN 9781107029248, ISBN10: 1107029244
425 pages, 23 x 15.2 x 3 cm

'A highly interesting new approach to morphological typology based on a formalized measure of the complexity of inflectional systems. An essential contribution to theoretical morphology and to research on linguistic complexity.' Matti Miestamo, Stockholm University

'In this illuminating and timely investigation of inflectional systems, Stump and Finkel combine theoretical rigour with practical implementation, to provide a range of measures of complexity and an original typology.' Greville G. Corbett, University of Surrey

'Periodically a book is published which offers such an original perspective that it seems we have never really understood what we thought we knew: this is likely that kind of book for many readers. The cross‐linguistic study of complex morphological systems is establishing the crucial status of words and paradigms in providing insights about natural language organization. With characteristically careful rigor and clarity, Stump and Finkel introduce a new way of analyzing and typologizing inflectional systems. While developing their model would have been enough, the book takes on an even greater dimension as they explicitly explore ways of synthesizing their perspective with recent competing models. Stump and Finkel cause us to pause and consider a new role for morphology in modern linguistic theory. And I suspect that the field will improve, when we do.' Farrell Ackerman, University of California, San Diego