Muslims of Medieval Latin Christendom, c.1050?1614 (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks (Paperback))

Muslims of Medieval Latin Christendom, c.1050?1614 (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks (Paperback))

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Brian A. Catlos
Cambridge University Press, 8/6/2015
EAN 9780521717908, ISBN10: 0521717906

Paperback, 650 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 3.4 cm
Language: English

Through crusades and expulsions, Muslim communities survived for over 500 years, thriving in medieval Europe. This comprehensive study explores how the presence of Islamic minorities transformed Europe in everything from architecture to cooking, literature to science, and served as a stimulus for Christian society to define itself. Combining a series of regional studies, Catlos compares the varied experiences of Muslims across Iberia, southern Italy, the Crusader Kingdoms and Hungary to examine those ideologies that informed their experiences, their place in society and their sense of themselves as Muslims. This is a pioneering new narrative of the history of medieval and early modern Europe from the perspective of Islamic minorities; one which is not, as we might first assume, driven by ideology, isolation and decline, but instead one in which successful communities persisted because they remained actively integrated within the larger Christian and Jewish societies in which they lived.

Islam and Latin Christendom to 1050
Part I. Static Diasporas
Muslim Communities of Latin Christendom
1. The tide turns
the Christian Spains I (c.1050–c.1150)
2. A triumph of pragmatism
the Christian Spains II (c.1150–c.1320)
3. Pushing the boundaries
Italy and North Africa (c.1050–c.1350)
4. Infidels in the Holy Land
the Latin East (1099–1291)
5. Diversity in an age of crises
the Christian Spains III (c.1350–1526)
6. Strangers in strange lands
foreign Muslims and slaves in Latin Christendom (c.1050–c.1550)
7. Christians in name
the Morisco problem (1499–1614)
Part II. Living in Sin
Islamicate Society under Latin Dominion
8. Thought
images and ideals of Muslims and Islamicate society in Latin Christendom
9. Word
law, administration and Islamicate society under Latin rule
10. Deed
the economic, social and cultural life of the Muslims of Latin Christendom
Convivencia, intolerance … or 'questions badly put'?