Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage: Volume 1 (Cambridge Library Collection - Polar Exploration)

Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage: Volume 1 (Cambridge Library Collection - Polar Exploration)

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John Ross
Cambridge University Press, 5/17/2012
EAN 9781108050203, ISBN10: 1108050204

Paperback, 740 pages, 29.7 x 21 x 4.3 cm
Language: English

Polar explorer John Ross (1777–1856) sailed with William Edward Parry in 1818 to seek a North-West Passage from Baffin Bay. The attempt was unsuccessful, and Ross was widely blamed for its failure. In 1829 he set out on a privately funded expedition on the steamship Victory, accompanied by his nephew James Clark Ross, to try again, returning to England in late 1833. Using survival techniques learnt from the Inuit he befriended, Ross kept his crew healthy through four icebound winters. While the voyage once again failed to find a North-West Passage, it surveyed the Boothia Peninsula and a large part of King William Land. It was also valuable for its scientific findings, with J. C. Ross discovering the magnetic north pole. Ross published this two-volume work in 1835. Volume 1 summarises previous Polar exploration before describing the voyage in great detail, from preparations to the return in 1833.

1. The project of the expedition
2. Leave the river
3. Leave Loch Ryan
4. Off Cape Farewell
5. Visit of the Danish governor
6. Disco Island
7. Progress down Lancaster Sound
8. Examination of the Fury's stores
9. Attempts to work along shore
10. Attempt to quit Elizabeth Harbour
11. A heavy gale
12. Remarks on the present condition of the ship
13. Remarks on the actual temperature
14. The month commences stormy and cold
15. Repeated occurrence of aurora borealis
16. Commencement of the year 1830
17. Receive more geographical information from one of the natives
18. Pilfering on the part of the natives
19. Purchase of dogs from the natives
20. Proceedings to the tenth of April
21. Narrative of Commander Ross
22. Proceedings in the ship
23. Commander Ross's second journey and narrative
24. Departure of Commander Ross on a third expedition
25. Narrative of Commander Ross
26. Repetition of heavy snow
27. Expedition commenced
28. Proceedings in the ship from the first of June
29. Commander Ross's narrative
30. Continuation of the journal
31. An expedition to fish
32. Journal of the month of July
33. Warping out, unloading, and a final escape from our harbour
34. Labour in cutting through the ice
35. Transactions in November
36. Transactions on board the ship in January
37. April
38. May
39. Narrative of Commander Ross
40. Journal of May
41. Transactions in June
42. Commander Ross's narrative
43. Remarks on the assignment of the magnetic pole
44. Transactions during the remainder of June
45. Proceedings in July, August, and September
46. Journal of August
47. Journal of October
48. The journals of January, February, and March
49. April
50. June
51. August
52. Attempt to proceed in the boats
53. Continuation of our travelling southward in October
54. The journals of January, February, and March
55. April
56. August
57. Proceedings on board of the Isabella