Natural Enemies

Natural Enemies

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Ann E. Hajek
Cambridge University Press, 12/02/2004
EAN 9780521653855, ISBN10: 0521653851

Paperback, 396 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 2.1 cm

Natural Enemies: An Introduction to Biological Control gives a thorough grounding in the biological control of arthropods, vertebrates, weeds and plant pathogens through use of natural enemies. The book is intended for students, professionals, and others wishing to learn the basics of biological control. Ann Hajek discusses the reasons why biological control is used, describes different use strategies and associated safety issues, as well as how best to integrate biological control with other types of pest management. She goes on to describe the basic biology of the different types of natural enemies, and gives examples of successful biological control programs. Throughout this book, the ecological relationships that make control possible are emphasised, and the major strategies for the use of different types of natural enemies detailed, with discussions of the specific conditions under which each strategy is successful in controlling pests.

'... a nicely written and illustrated book on biological control ...' Journal of Insect Conservation