Neonatal Nutrition and Metabolism

Neonatal Nutrition and Metabolism

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Patti J. Thureen
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 2012-12-13
EAN 9781107411791, ISBN10: 1107411793

Paperback, 712 pages, 27.7 x 21.3 x 4.1 cm
Language: English

Neonatal nutrition has a pivotal role in normal child development and is of even greater importance in the sick or premature neonate. This 2006 edition includes a comprehensive account of the basic science, metabolism and nutritional requirements of the neonate, and a greatly expanded number of chapters dealing in depth with clinical issues ranging from IUGR, intravenous feeding, nutritional therapies for inborn errors of metabolism, and care of the neonatal surgical patient. Evolving from these scientific and clinical aspects, the volume highlights the important long-term effects of fetal and neonatal growth on health in later life. In addition, there are very practical chapters on methods and techniques for assessing nutritional status, body composition, and evaluating metabolic function.

Review of the hardback: 'This is now the standard text on neonatal nutrition. No general text devotes this much time and space to this critical aspect of neonatal care.' Doody's Book Review Service