Neonatal Nutrition and Metabolism

Neonatal Nutrition and Metabolism

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Patti J. Thureen
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 12/13/2012
EAN 9781107411791, ISBN10: 1107411793

Paperback, 712 pages, 27.7 x 21.3 x 4.1 cm
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Neonatal nutrition has a pivotal role in normal child development and is of even greater importance in the sick or premature neonate. This 2006 edition includes a comprehensive account of the basic science, metabolism and nutritional requirements of the neonate, and a greatly expanded number of chapters dealing in depth with clinical issues ranging from IUGR, intravenous feeding, nutritional therapies for inborn errors of metabolism, and care of the neonatal surgical patient. Evolving from these scientific and clinical aspects, the volume highlights the important long-term effects of fetal and neonatal growth on health in later life. In addition, there are very practical chapters on methods and techniques for assessing nutritional status, body composition, and evaluating metabolic function.

1. Fetal nutrition Frank Bloomfield and Jane Harding
2. Determinants of intrauterine growth John W. Sparks and Irene Cetin
3. Aspects of fetoplacental nutrition in intrauterine growth restriction and macrosomia Tim R. H. Regnault, Sean W. Limesand and William W. Hay Jr.
4. Postanatal growth in preterm infants Richard J. Cooke
5. Thermal regulation and effects on nutrient substrate metabolism J. M. Hawdon
6. Development and physiology of the gastrointestinal tract Carol Lynn Berseth
7. Metabolic programming as a consequence of the nutritional environment during fetal and the immediate postnatal periods Mulchand S. Patel
8. Nutrient regulation in brain development
glucose and alternate fuels Camille Fung, Sherin U. Devaskar
9. Water and electrolyte balance in newborn infants Shanthy Sridhar and Stephen Baumgart
10. Amino acid metabolism and protein accretion Johannes B. van Goudoever
11. Carbohydrate metabolism and glycogen accretion Rebecca A. Simmons
12. Energy requirements and protein-energy metabolism and balance in preterm and term infants Sudah Kashyap and Karl F. Schulze
13. The role of essential fatty acids in development William C. Heird
14. Vitamins Frank R. Greer
15. Normal bone and mineral physiology and Metabolism Reginald C. Tsang and Oussama Itani
16. Disorders of mineral, vitamin D and bone homeostasis Reginald C. Tsang and Oussama Itani
17. Trace minerals K. Michael Hambidge
18. Iron Michael K. Georgieff
19. Conditionally essential nutrients
choline, inositol, taurine, arginine, glutamine and nucleotides Jane Carver
20. Intravenous feeding William C. Heird
21. Enteral amino acid and protein digestion, absorption and metabolism David K. Rassin and Karen E. Shattuck
22. Enteral carbohydrate assimilation C. Lawrence Kien
23. Enteral lipid digestion and absorption Margit Hamosh
24. Minimal enteral nutrition Josef Neu and Hilton Bernstein
25. Milk secretion and composition Margaret C. Neville and James L. McManaman
26. Rationale for breastfeeding Richard J. Schanler
27. Fortified human milk for premature infants Richard J. Schanler
28. Formulas for preterm and term infants Deborah L. O'Connor
29. Differences between metabolism and feeding of preterm and term infants Scott C. Denne and Brenda Poindexter
30. Gastrointestinal reflux Sudarshan Rao Jadcherla
31. Hypo- and hyperglycemia and other carbohydrate metabolism disorders Jane E. McGowan
32. The infant of the diabetic mother Richard M. Cowett
33. Neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis
clinical observations and pathophysiology Michael Caplan and Tamas Jilling
34. Neonatal short bowel syndrome Judith Sondheimer
35. Acute respiratory failure John E. E. Van Aerde and Michael Narvey
36. Nutrition for premature infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia Stephanie A. Atkinson
37. Nutrition in infants with congenital heart disease James S. Barry, Rachelle Harwood and Patti J. Thureen
38. Nutrition therapies for inborn errors of metabolism Anne Tsai, Janet Thomas and Laurie Bernstein
39. Nutrition in the neonatal surgical patient Agostino Pierro
40. Nutritional assessment of the neonate Robert Erick Ridout and Michael K. Georgieff
41. Methods of measuring body composition Kenneth J. Ellis
42. Methods of measuring energy balance
calorimetry and doubly labelled water Pietr Sauer
43. Methods of measuring nutrient substrate utilization using stable isotopes Agneta Sunehag and Morey Haymond
44. Postnatal nutritional influences on subsequent health Josef Neu
45. Growth outcomes of preterm and very low birth weight infants Maureen Hack
46. Post-hospital nutrition of the preterm infant Diane M. Anderson and Richard J. Schanler.

Review of the hardback: 'This is now the standard text on neonatal nutrition. No general text devotes this much time and space to this critical aspect of neonatal care.' Doody's Book Review Service