Neuropsychiatric and Cognitive Changes in Parkinson's Disease and Related Movement Disorders: Diagnosis and Management

Neuropsychiatric and Cognitive Changes in Parkinson's Disease and Related Movement Disorders: Diagnosis and Management

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Cambridge University Press, 8/29/2013
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Hardcover, 307 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 2.2 cm
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Psychiatric and cognitive changes are common in patients with Parkinson's disease and have key clinical consequences but, despite this, these symptoms are often under-diagnosed and under-treated, leading to increased morbidity and costs. With chapters focused on the major neuropsychiatric features, Neuropsychiatric and Cognitive Changes in Parkinson's Disease and Related Movement Disorders rectifies this deficit. Written by experts in the field, with a consistent focus on relevant clinical knowledge, it provides a comprehensive overview including all the major behavioral changes associated with movement disorders. The book provides broad, in-depth, accurate and up-to-date scientific information as well as crucial understanding and practical tools to help patients. The book is essential reading for clinicians working in neurology, psychiatry and geriatric medicine.

Part I. General Aspects
1. Overview of Parkinson's disease
epidemiology, diagnosis, course, medical and surgical management Sheila S. Rane and Christopher G. Goetz
2. Parkinson's disease
pathology, anatomy, and behavior James B. Leverenz and Daniel J. Burdick
3. Genetics and behavior and cognition in Parkinson's disease Caroline H. Williams-Gray and Roger A. Barker
4. The boundaries of Parkinson's disease dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies Elisabet Londos
Part II. Diagnosis and Biomarkers
5. Cognitive assessment in Parkinson's disease Jaime Kulisevsky, Saül Martínez-Horta and Javier Pagonabarraga
6. Clinical assessment
mood and motivation Albert F. G. Leentjens
7. Imaging and behavior in Parkinson's disease
structural imaging Mona K. Beyer, Turi O. Dalaker and Liana G. Apostolova
8. Imaging and behavior in Parkinson's disease
functional imaging Agneta Nordberg
9. Diagnosis and biomarkers
CSF Brit Mollenhauer and Henrik Zetterberg
Part III. Specific Neuropsychiatric Disorders
10. Depression Per Svenningsson and Dag Aarsland
11. Anxiety Laura Marsh and Jessica Calleo
12. Apathy Kathy Dujardin
13. Impulse control disorder Daniel Weintraub and Irena Rektorova
14. Hallucinations and psychosis Oscar Bernal-Pacheco and Hubert H. Fernandez
15. Early cognitive impairment Alexander I. Tröster and Dag Aarsland
16. Parkinson's disease dementia
features and management Başar Bilgiç, Haşmet A. Hanağasi and Murat Emre
17. Sleep disturbances Pouya Movahed, Kristina Røkenes Karlsen and K. Ray Chaudhuri
Part IV. Management
18. Parkinson's disease
drug treatment and behavior Jaime Kulisevsky, Javier Pagonabarraga and Carolina Villa-Bonomo
19. Surgical treatments and behavior Jens Volkmann and Christine Daniels
20. Clinical trials for psychotropic agents in Parkinson's diesase using psychosis as a model Ryan R. Walsh and Jeffrey Cummings
Part V. Other Issues
21. Clinical implications of neuropsychiatric symptoms in Parkinson's disease Angelo Antonini and Pablo Martinez-Martin
22. Neuropsychiatric and cognitive disorders in other Parkinsonian disorders Adam Gerstenecker, Benjamin T. Mast and Irene Litvan
23. Neuropsychiatric aspects of the on-off phenomenon Irene Rektorova and Marek Balaz
24. Treatment of neuropsychiatric disturbances in Parkinson's disease
future prospects and strategies Jeffery Cummings and Dag Aarsland