New Essays: Red Badge of Courage (The American Novel)

New Essays: Red Badge of Courage (The American Novel)

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Cambridge University Press, 1/12/2008
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First published in 1895, The Red Badge of Courage found immediate success and brought its author immediate fame. In his introduction to this volume, Lee Clark Mitchell discusses how Crane broke with the conventions of both fiction and journalism to create a uniquely 'disruptive' prose style. The five essays that follow each explore different aspects of the novel. One studies the problem of establishing the authentic text; another examines it as a war novel; a third considers it as a critique of the rising mood of militant imperialism in the 1890s; a fourth focuses on the double perspective of the novel - its shift between the hero's perspective and a larger, 'cosmic' one; and the final essay examines the novel's deconstruction of courage/cowardice. Written in a highly accessible style, these essays represent the best of recent scholarship and provide students with a useful introduction to this major novel.

Series editor's preface
Note on the text
1. Introduction Lee Clark Mitchell
2. Getting used to the 'original form' of The Red Badge of Courage Hershel Parker
3. The American Stephen Crane
the context of The Red Badge of Courage Andrew Delbanco
4. The spectacle of war in Crane's revision of history Amy Kaplan
5. 'He was a man' Howard C. Horsford
6. Ill logics of irony Christine Brooke-Rose
Selected bibliography.