New Perspectives on Adolescent Risk Behavior

New Perspectives on Adolescent Risk Behavior

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Cambridge University Press, 9/28/1998
EAN 9780521584326, ISBN10: 0521584329

Hardcover, 576 pages, 23.6 x 16 x 3.8 cm
Language: English

In this collection of chapters, leading scholars of adolescent risk behavior present the most recent ideas and findings about the variety of behaviors that can compromise adolescent development, including drug use, risky driving, early sexual activity, depression, and school disengagement. In particular, the volume emphasizes new perspectives on development and on person-centered analysis.

1. New perspectives on adolescent risk behavior R. Jessor
Part I. A Focus on Development
2. New directions in developmental research R. B. Cairns, B. D. Cairns, P. Rodkin and H. Xie
Part II. A Focus on Problem Behavior
3. Persistent themes and new perspectives on adolescent substance use
a life span perspective D. B. Kandel
4. Multiple risk factors for multi-problem boys R. Loeber, D. P. Farrington, M. Stouthamer-Loeber and W. B. Kammen
5. Adult outcomes of adolescent drug use H. R. White, M. E. Bates and E. Labouvie
6. Linking etiology and treatment for adolescent substance abuse J. S. Baer, M. G. MacLean and G. A. Marlatt
7. Risky driving behavior among adolescents A. F. Williams
Part III. A Focus on Sexual Activity
8. New methods for new perspectives on adolescent sexual behavior J. R. Udry and P. S. Bearman
9. Betwixt and between
sexuality in the context of adolescent transitions J. A. Graber, J. Brooks-Gunn and B. R. Galen
Part IV. A Focus on Psychopathology
10. New perspectives on depression during adolescence B. E. Compas, J. K. Connor and B. R. Hinden
Part V. A Focus on Social Role Performance
11. Transition to adulthood among high risk youth M. E. Ensminger and H. S. Juon
12. Disengagement from school and problem behavior in adolescence L. Steinberg and S. Avenevoli
13. New perspectives on adolescent work and the transition to adulthood J. T. Mortimer and M. K. Johnson
Part VI. Overview and Imagination
14. Life Course capitalization and adolescent behavioral development J. Hagan
15. Lessons we learned - tasks still to be solved R. K. Silbereisen