Next Generation of Data-Mining Applications

Next Generation of Data-Mining Applications

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Wiley–Blackwell, 2005-04-01
EAN 9780471656050, ISBN10: 0471656054

Hardcover, 696 pages, 23.9 x 16 x 3.7 cm
Language: English

∗ This book presents the next generation of data mining applications based on state–of–the art methodologies and techniques for analyzing enormous quantities of raw data in high–dimension
∗ Each chapter describes the data mining development process, results, and experiences with new data mining tools and techniques
∗ Includes twenty–five novel and diverse contributions from experienced and well–respected data mining scientists and practitioners that describe their recent applications using state–of–the–art methods and algorithms

"…the book is a highly authoritative, cohesive and timely exposure to the recent developments, application areas and future trends in DM. This is must reading for a wide audience of practitioners and researchers." (Mathematical Reviews, 2006e)

"…a vast and comprehensive collection of chapters…" (Technometrics, November 2005)

"All the major applications of data mining...are covered in detail from the leaders in the field. I recommend this text to practitioners and researchers alike." (Computing Reviews.com, July 26, 2005)